Day 21


One-third! How incredibly fast but unbelievably slow at the same time. Today is 21 days after ovulation. If Yara conceived the fetusses are about 5-10 millimeter in length and will grow to 14-15 millimeter in the coming week. The organs start to develop. Still the fetusses are very vulnerable. From the mating until now a lot has happened! In the video you can see an overview from the mating until day 20, yesterday. As you can see at the end of the video the fetusses are really taking shape now!

Still everything goes well with Yara. She still sleeps A LOT, she does not come out of her bed or sleeps with us on the sofa. She barely even plays. Outside it also seems she is slowed down. Eating is great again. Maybe a little more eager than usual.

Tuasday end wednesday (day 16 and 17) Yara had dark brown/reddish discharge.

Yara is also weighed and measured again this week:

GewichtOmvang laatste ribOmvang voor achterpoten
Day 610.9 kg45 cm40.5 cm
Day 1410.9 kg46 cm41.5 cm
Day 2110.9 kg47 cm43 cm

She has grown some centimeters! Is she fooling us or is this real.. Her weight remains the same.

It also seems like her nipples are more pink again, and enlarged. It also looks like her milk glands start to swell at the last nipples.. False pregnancy or..?

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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