Day 28


Because Yara gave some contradicting signals about being pregnant or not we decided to reschedule the appointment for the ultrasound. On day 26 Yara had an ultrasound, and she is pregnant!

We are already closing in on the halfway point. It gives so much peace of mind to know that Yara is pregnant. The embryo’s are now about 1,5 centimeter in size. On the drawing below you can see how they are placed inside the belly.

The hearts start to beat. So far the development has been similar to that of a human baby. From now on this is about to change. The growth is accelerating quickly now. The puppies must be ready for the world in just over 30 days. The embryos will double in size this coming week, they will then be 3 centimeter. In this week the whiskers, paws and toes will develop. De nerves are layed down and the eyes have formed. You can see more about that in the video:

Yara is pretty lazy. Every now and then the girls play intensively with each other, but most of the day she is sleeping.. Food is still not her thing. It seems like she is eating less eager with time passing. Yesterday evening she already stopped eating after 3 bites and the past week she regularly had some food left in her bowl.

Since day 26 Yara regularly loses some slime from her vulva. Mostly it is clear, but sometimes it is lightly coloured.

Yara is also weighed and measured again this week:

WeightCircumference last ribCircumference before back legs
Day 011 kg48,3 cm42 cm
Day 711,3 kg48,6 cm42,5 cm
Day 1411,4 kg48 cm43 cm
Day 2111,3 kg48,5 cm43,5 cm
Day 2811,1 kg48,5 cm44.3 cm

Lost weight! Not so weird when you are eating badly for a month already.. And still gained centimeters in her waist.

Yara har nipples are growing, her tummy line seems to drop a tiny bit. Sometimes when she sits down her belly sticks out on the sides.

If we cuddle her belly we clearly feel a difference. Her belly feels different!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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  1. Deva
    Deva says:

    Thank you for the photos of each week stage. I am trying to figure out if my frenchie is pregnant. We have a male and female and my female started the heat cycle beginning of March and the bleeding started end of March and continued through 1st week of April. We were not trying to get her pregnant but the male and female were put outside and did fully mate 2xs. They did not tie and were separated after we caught them. She did have a light discharge after. Now almost 3 weeks after ending the bleeding her nipples are still bigger and she now has breast, increased appetite (i did not think it was possible to eat more) and extremely cuddly with me and with the male. I know people say it is almost impossible for frenchies to naturally breed but he is much bigger than he and more athletic build and it happened. So when should I take her to be checked? Thank you for any input.


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