Homecoming Day

We think it is very important to know if a combination we made also matched our expectations. That is why we will organise a so-called homecoming day for each of the litters we breed. When the puppies will become one year old, we meet with all the puppy owners at the vet. All the puppies will get an extensive physical check, followed by x rays are made of airways, spine and hips. We will also fill in a form on wich several conditions are checked, such as a throat exam, patellar luxation, heart and eyes.

It is nice to know health test results from one dog in the litter, but better yet to check the entire litter. That gives us a lot of insight in the results of the combination. Of course the parents are also x-rayed and have them undergo several health checks. This screening is important for us in further selection of breeding animals and combinations.The results will also be put on the website, you can find them on the Puppies page, beneath ‘Litters bred by us’.For Dutch puppy owners this day is completely free of charge. For foreign owners we will come to other agreements. We expect full coöperation from Hawbucks puppy owners in this initiative.

Yara met nestboer Marley (Bulls of Crown Ethan) samen tijdens de gezondheidsonderzoeken.

Yara together with Marley, her brother (Bulls of Crown Ethan). They underwent the health testing together.