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There he is, when I accidentally came across this male it was clear to me quite quickly: he had to be the one for Lily! I have written about the extensive health testing we performed on Lily here.

This beautiful French Bulldog is called Käpt’n, pedigree name: Kaepten or Saxonys Countrylove. He lives in Germany and has been tested almost as extensively as Lily, with just as wonderful results. He has a spine free of abnormalities, a long tail, good hips, excellent elbows, fantastic DNA results, eyes free of abnormalities and much more. He has a wonderfully calm character, which compensates well for the bouncy Lily. I will list the research results and further information below.

Käpt’n is quite unrelated to Lily, which is a big goal when looking for a partner. To be completely transparent: He is still on the young side, that was my only doubt about this combination. Käpt’n will be around 1.5 years old when we realize this combination. Given Lily’s age (5 years old), we cannot wait very long for a first litter and I have decided that this disadvantage does not outweigh the other advantages that this combination can offer. I write about that later below, among other things.

The pedigree of the puppies will look like this, click on the image for an enlarged version:

The special thing about this combination is that both Lily and Käpt’n are both CDDY carriers. Normally you would think that you want to avoid two carriers, but 97% of French Bulldogs are carriers/double carriers of this condition. So unfortunately it is not as simple as avoidance. Finding two carriers is already a great luck. Below is an explanation of what exactly the test for CDDY entails.

With this combination there is statistically a 25% chance of double carriers, 50% chance of carriers and 25% chance of free puppies. Skeletal abnormalities are a problem that involves several factors, but with this combination we hope to increase the proportion of free puppies. Pretty special if you ask me!

Genetically speaking, this is not the only special thing… Käpt’n is a DVL2 carrier and so is Lily!
The DVL2 gene, or Robinow-like syndrome, is partly responsible for several factors. Finding one DVL2 carrier is quite rare within the French Bulldog population, let alone 2 that also match so well in other areas. See below for a brief explanation of DVL2.

Just like with CDDY, with DVL2 we statistically have a 25% chance of double carriers, 50% chance of carriers and 25% chance of free puppies!


The CFR of both is also perfectly fine. Käpt’n’s CFR is 0.5 and Lily’s CFR is even higher than 0.5.
With this combination we hopefully make a big step in not only a beautiful, sporty and healthy appearance, but also by making the next generation a bit healthier genetically.

The expected colors from this combination are fawn/bluefawn with and without mask and cream/bluecream. Perhaps pied puppies are also born in the colors mentioned. The puppies may have long tails, but they may also produce shorter tails.

The waiting list is now also open for this planned combination. If all goes well, we hope for puppies in the coming spring. Experience shows that the mailbox explodes when the waiting list is open. It may take a while for a response to the messages. We handle this carefully and it takes some time. An application does not automatically mean placement on the waiting list. Have you sent an email in the past when the waiting list was closed? These emails have not been processed, please send another message.

Below you will find some more photos of the beautiful Käpt’n. We are very much looking forward to this combination!

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  1. Cory
    Cory says:

    Great news! I am not looking for a new puppy right now as I have an 8 year old Frenchie, and a Havanese, but I hope your breeding goes well and that you continue to work toward healthy Frenchies, so that when the time comes, I can hopefully provide a home for one of your puppies.

  2. MJ Thomson
    MJ Thomson says:

    Oh Käpt’n is gorgeous!!! I can hardly wait for updates on Lily and Käpt’ns romance. 😉🥂❤️

  3. Mats Wigert
    Mats Wigert says:

    I really appreciate your mission of healthier Frenchies since I’m totally in love with the bread but so sorry to see mainly inbreeding issues this breed of dogs unfortunately have to a large extent.
    You really put in a lot of effort of research and thorough tests which I do hope pays off in cute and healthy puppies, I hardly can’t wait to see the outcome!

    Our Minnie fought gallantly but clearly had her issues with IVDD and some other minor issues bot was the most gentle soul I’ve met. We had to let go of her in early June of 2021 at the age of nine and she left a void in our life.

  4. Joyce Hildebrandt
    Joyce Hildebrandt says:

    I couldn’t believe it when my husband showed me this website. I have his twin 2 year old male named Huckleberry.
    Exact same markings. Muscle structure everything is exactly the same except my dog does not have a tail. Unbelievable!


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