On a trip

Tonight we are making a little trip. Yara and us are going to visit 2 males! We leave late in the evening and hope to arrive on our destination in the morning.
Both males live 850 kilometers from our home, so we turn it in to a mini-vacation.

Both males are extensively tested and found healthy. I would like to see them first in real life, because that is always different then a picture or video. Both are very interesting and have their own plus and downsides. By seeing them I hope I can make a descision for our first litter. I will not yet share the names of the males until I am sure who will be the one. They also must undergo one more test: the DNA test for PRA. Yara is a carrier of the gene for cord-1 PRA. When one of the males is also carrier he will automatically drop out, or else we breed affected dogs. Of course we don’t want that.

Yara is joining us naturally, and I am very curious to see if she has preference for one of the males!

When Yara is in heat we will make this trip again, because we think a natural mating is very important. We will not artificially inseminate for this distance or other reasons. Artificial insemination is reserved for males that live on other continents, and only when there is absolutely no other option.

I hope that I can tell you very soon who will be the father of our first litter!

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