On the brink

It has been a while since I wrote a post, because there was nothing interesting to report. Everything was going normally and we waited for Lucy to get in heat. Now, on the brink of 2017 she decided to finally get in heat!

She is a little later than usual. After her moving to us in the spring is was to be expected. But when it would happen was the question. If she sticked to her normal cycle she would get in heat at the end of October. I am convinced her body knows what is best for her and she chose the right moment for herself.

This afternoon I found a little spot where Lucy has lay down. Of course we got excited right away. Would it be..?? So we put on a pants on Lucy. She is very clean on herself and without the pants we would not be able to see anything. After an hour I checked the pants, and yet again.. a spot. It really has begun!

In about a week we will get started with Progesterone testing. It is a simple test with some drops of blood from her front leg. From this they can see how far along Lucy is and if the right moment for the mating has come.Lucy will be bred to Marley. A combination where we expect beautiful healthy athletic puppies from in every recognized colour. Both are extensively tested and have great results. Of course I will keep everybody posted through this blog!

What a way to start 2018!


We are not taking in new puppy inquiries, our waiting list is closed.


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