The first week


The past weekend Yara and I travelled to Germany, where Vegas lives. when we arrived we were welcomed by Vegas his owner. We let Vegas and Yara together for a few hours. Lot of play, lots of sprints and a lot of mating attempts happened. Unfortunately Saturday it did not get to a mating yet. The owner of Vegas was so sweet to suggest that I would take Vegas home with me so the two could figure it out on their own time. Vegas had never been bred before, then it can take a little while before he knows the trick. On Sunday afternoon, with some help, it came to a mating! On Monday there was a second mating.
Monday afternoon I brought Vegas back to his owner. What an amazing relaxed and sweet boy he is!

Hopefully lot of things are happening inside Yara her belly. This little clip is part of the series ‘In the Womb’ from National Geographic. It shows what happened the past week and what will be coming.

Today is approximately 7 days after Yara ovulated. If the mating was succesful the fertilized egg cells are now on their way from the ovary to the uterus. There they will attach them selves to the uturine wall. The uturus of a dog looks very different than that from a human. It looks like the letter Y. On the image you can see how that looks. The fertilized egg cells will spread and attach in the 2 horns of the uterus, here they will stay untill birth.

The uterus of a dog.

Yara goes well. For a few days after the matings she was not really keen on her food. It also seems her fur is getting softer..? That is all we notice about her at this point.

Of course Yara is also weighed and measured:

WeightCircumference last ribCircumference before back legs
Day 111 kg48,3 cm42 cm
Day 711,3 kg48,6 cm42,5 cm

Of course we see nothing on the outside yet, but still I made some pictures for future reference. Who knows we will see change in a few weeks!
From now on I will update weekly.

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