Day 28


We are already closing in on the halfway point! It gives so much peace of mind to know that Yara is pregnant. The embryo’s are now about 1,5 centimeter in size. On the drawing below you can see how they are placed inside the belly.

The hearts start to beat. So far the development has been similar to that of a human baby. From now on this is about to change. The growth is accelerating quickly now. The puppies must be ready for the world in just over 30 days. The embryos will double in size this coming week, they will then be 3 centimeter. In this week the whiskers, paws and toes will develop. De nerves are layed down and the eyes have formed. You can see more about that in the video:

Yara is very lazy. She sleeps almost the entire day. Even visitors notice she is different than normal. She cuddles a lot and is a lot less busy. Outside she still is nice and active. She loves to play a game of fetch and takes sprints. While we were mantrailing this week the instructor and I noticed she did it far less good than usual. She is less focussed, slower and makes more mistakes. She does have fun in it! So we adapted the trails that the level is a little lower. She has to stay succesfull, that is important.

On tuesday night (day 23) Yara had another bloody sting of slime from her vulva. This was why we made the realy ultrasound. Every now and then we lose some clear slime.

Yara is also weighed and measured again this week:

WeightCircumference last ribCircumference before back legs
Day 610.9 kg45 cm40.5 cm
Day 1410.9 kg46 cm41.5 cm
Day 2110.9 kg47 cm43 cm
Day 2810.8 kg48 cm44.5 cm

In centimeters we see growth again but she lost 100 gram in weight. Nice and confusing, haha! The circumference before her back legs is now amost the same it was at her last rib during the first measurement. Already 4 centimeter growth in 22 days.

Yara her nipples are now obviously growing. Alse her tuck up seems to disappear a little. If you see her from above there is no difference. The big growth will happen from week 5 or 6. I am very curious!

If we cuddle her belly we clearly feel a difference. Her belly feels different!

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Week 2

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Week 4

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