Day 35


We have passed the halfway point. Only about 28 days to go until the puppies will be born. This will be the fun part because we can now see changes on the outside. The puppies will now start to grow. Last week they were 1,5 centimeter. Now they are 3 centimeter. in one week they doubled in size!

1. Chorion (outer sac)  2. Smooth chorion 3. Allantois  4. Amnion (inner sac) 5. Navelbladder 6. Edge of the placenta 7. Placenta

The development of the organs is almost done. The fetusses are less vulnerable for outside influences. The gender is visible. The puppies are packed in their own individual sac. This has multiple functions, it protects the puppies. The outer part of the sac is called chorion. The inner part is the anmion, inside the amnion is the puppy. In between the amnion and chorion is the allantois and the yolk sac.

The teeth, whiskers and paws are in development. The eyes close.

Yara is lazy, she plays less. She has hormonal itching in her ears. Luckily her appetite has returned the last half of this week. On day 31 we heard heartbeats with the Doppler machine!

Every now and then she loses some clear discharge.

Yara is weighed and measured again:

WeightCircumference last ribCircumference before back legs
Day 011 kg48,3 cm42 cm
Day 711,3 kg48,6 cm42,5 cm
Day 1411,4 kg48 cm43 cm
Day 2111,3 kg48,5 cm43,5 cm
Day 2811,1 kg48,5 cm44.3 cm
Day 3511,3 kg50,5 cm45.5 cm

Luckily Yara gained a bit this week after losing some weight. Her nipples are growing hard. When she lies down we sometimes see a little belly poking out. Her ribs are a bit wider seen from above and she is losing her waist. If she sits down there is a little belly hanging.

Some difference compared to last week!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

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