French Bulldog Health

French Bulldogs are known with quite a few health issues. On this page I will attempt to tell more about them. To keep a good overview all diseases are devided in tabs.

Because of this health issues only a small part of French Bulldogs is suitable for breeding. The long list of tabs shows the need for extensive health testing. Health tests is something we highly value.

Unofrtunately a lot of people think breeding is only fun. Without any knowledge they find a male that they think is beautiful to breed their bitch. Both dogs are rarely health tested. Of you look at the list below you can understand that non-health tested French Bulldogs are often not the healthiest among the breed. Of course there are exceptions, or you could get really lucky. When you are searching for a French Bulldog puppy, make sure you are well informed! Ask the breeder about his actions to improve the health of the breed overall. An annual checkup with the vet is nowhere near enough to declare a dog suitable for breeding! A good breeder shows you results of health tests. You will get a clear contract with the puppy that tells you all you want to know. Also, a good breeder will stand by you for as long as the dog shall live. In case there occur any issues he will make sure all is solved properly.

What are we doing to improve the health of French Bulldogs? What health tests we perform and why cou can find on this page.

A big thank you goes out to Claudia Fuhrmann of for providing many of the information and pictures on this page!