Lily day 14

If you look at the bar above, it already looks like a lot. We are almost a quarter of the way through pregnancy! Yet the fetuses are only 1 or 2 millimeters in size.
Yesterday was the 14th day after ovulation. Hopefully also day 14 of pregnancy! At the beginning of this week the cells were only 4-part. Now they are 64-part. Goes pretty fast! The clump cells are already being transformed into amniotic sacs and in the coming days they will start to become real embryos. After the coming 2 weeks, the fetus is tiny but has a head, spine, limb stumps and a tail. It is nourished by the yolk sac and is very vulnerable at this stage. During these 2 weeks all important organs are formed. In the video you can see even more special things that nature arranges.

Lily seems extra affectionate. Whenever I am somewhere she is tapping my leg with her nose wanting to be with me. If we sit somewhere she also wants to be very close. She is still eating fine, thankfully.

Lily was also measured and weighed again this week:

WeightWaist circumference
Day 110 kg38 cm
Day 710,1 kg38 cm
Day 1410 kg39 cm

She has added a centimeter to her waist!

Lily’s nipples really seem a lot bigger and darker in color, and there seems to be some swelling of her rear mammary glands showing.

Week 1

Week 2

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