Day 21


1/3rd! That’s incredibly fast and incredibly slow at the same time. Yesterday was 3 weeks after ovulation. If Lily is pregnant, the fetuses are now about 5-10 millimeters and will grow to 14-15 millimeters in the coming week. The organs begin to develop. The fetuses are still very vulnerable. From the mating until now quite a bit has happened! Below is an overview from mating to day 20. As you can see at the end of the video, the fetuses are now really taking shape!

We do notice some things about Lily. She has calmed down a lot the last few days. She lies almost all the time in her bed or on the couch. She plays and runs very little. She especially wants lots of cuddles. Her appetite is still as normal.

The ultrasound is scheduled for next Monday, on day 29. Exciting!! Maybe this is the last pregnancy update, but hopefully we’ll get confirmation next week.

Lily has also been measured and weighed again:

WeightWaist circumference
Day 110 kg38 cm
Day 710,1 kg38 cm
Day 1410 kg39 cm
Day 2110,1 kg40,5 cm

Lily’s waist seems to be growing steadily. Her weight seems to stay the same. We don’t expect any weight gain yet.

It also seems as if her nipples are getting a little bigger and pinker again. We also see that the milk glands are becoming a bit looser. I also notice that her tuck up of the belly/waist is already changing a bit.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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