Day 28


This afternoon Lily had an ultrasound to see if she was pregnant. With positive results, Lily is pregnant with Käpt’n! The puppies are expected around March 10.

We’re almost halfway there. The embryos are now almost 1.5 centimeters in size. In the picture below you can see how they are placed in the abdomen.

The hearts have started beating. So far, development has more or less parallel that of a human baby. This will change from now on. Growth is now accelerating. After all, the puppies should be ready for the world in about 35 days. The embryos will double in size to 3 centimeters in the coming week! Over the next week the legs and toes will develop along with the whiskers. The nerve pathways have been created and the eyes have also already been formed. See more about it in the video:

Judging by Lily’s behavior, we could hardly ignore the fact that she was pregnant. She is almost always in her bed and is remarkably calm. Making puppies takes a lot of energy and that is clearly noticeable. Fortunately, she still eats as usual.

Lily has also been measured and weighed again:

WeightWaist circumference
Dag 110 kg38 cm
Dag 710,1 kg38 cm
Dag 1410 kg39 cm
Dag 2110,1 kg40,5 cm
Dag 2810 kg40,5 cm

Lily has not gained any centimeters in her waist this week. Yet we see her belly tuck up line drop. Sometimes when she sits she has protruding bumps in her sides.

When we hug her belly we clearly feel that something is changing. Her stomach feels different!

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