Day 35


We’ve passed the halfway mark. About 28 days to go until delivery. This will be the most fun part because now we will be able to observe the changes from the outside. The puppies are now starting to grow. Last week they were 1.5 centimeters, now they are already bigger than 3 centimeters. So a doubling in size!

1. Chorion (buitenste eivlies) met vlokken 2. Glad chorion 3. Allantois (embryonale urineblaas) 4. Amnion (binnenste eivlies) 5. Navelblaas 6. Rand van de placenta 7. Placenta

The development of the organs is coming to an end. The fetuses are less susceptible to external influences. The gender is now also visible. The puppies are wrapped in membranes. These membranes have a very important function, they protect the puppies. The outer membrane is called chorion. The inner membrane is called the amnion and it contains the puppy. Between the amnion and chorion are the allantois and the yolk sac.

The teeth, whiskers and legs are developing. The eyes close.

Lily still hardly leaves her bed. She sleeps a lot and plays very little. She still has enough appetite and the amount she gets has also increased somewhat. Normally she eats once a day, from this week it will increase to 2 feeding moments per day. Later in pregnancy this will increase to 3 or even 4 times as there is less space in the abdomen.

Every now and then she loses some clear mucus.

Lily has also been measured and weighed again:

WeightWaist circumference
Day 110 kg38 cm
Day 710,1 kg38 cm
Day 1410 kg39 cm
Day 2110,1 kg40,5 cm
Day 2810 kg40,5 cm
Day 3510,4 kg42 cm

Lily has gained weight! 400 grams of weight gain this week. The centimeters also continue to rise. Lily’s nipples are still growing fast. When she is lying down, her belly sometimes really sticks out. Her ribs are wider when viewed from above and her waist is starting to disappear. When she sits there is a small belly.

Quite a difference from last week!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

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  1. Mats Wigert
    Mats Wigert says:

    So happy for you and Lily!
    Fascinating that it takes this long before she starts to gain weight.
    With such a development going on in her tummy, no wonder she’s rather tired and have an appetite!


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