Day 56


Only one more week! The tension is rising… the puppies will arrive next weekend! The puppies almost never sit still, Lily is sometimes uncomfortable and no longer knows how to lie down to have a little relief from the moving babies. The puppies now have fur and are almost completely finished. Only the lungs and coat still need to develop.

We are completely ready for the birth. This week we won’t leave Lily home alone anymore. Exciting!

When the birth starts I won’t have time to approve people for the live stream. Make sure that the registration can be approved well in advance!
You can register to watch the stream on this page.

This is the last update before the puppies arrive. The next post will come after the birth!

Lily still sleeps a lot, you can no longer recognize that active girl she used to be. She sometimes does not know how to get comfortable and prefers to just be inside. She doesn’t even feel like going outside for a walk, that’s not like her at all.

Her food quantity has been increased again. She now eats almost 500 grams per day, in 2 portions. She is still not too fat, all the energy goes to the puppies.

Lily was also measured and weighed again this weekend:

WeightWaist circumference
Day 110 kg38 cm
Day 710,1 kg38 cm
Day 1410 kg39 cm
Day 2110,1 kg40,5 cm
Day 2810 kg40,5 cm
Day 3510,4 kg42 cm
Day 4211,1 kg47 cm
Day 4911,6 kg50 cm
Day 5612,1 kg55 cm

She gained 500 grams this week. Total weight gain is now 2.1 kilos. The centimeters are going up like crazy. She has already gained 17 centimeters in total on her waist.

Her belly is really becoming a round ball now, her head and legs no longer seem to belong to her body. She can no longer easily reach everything to wash or scratch herself, it looks very sad.

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