The first week


Last Tuesday and Wednesday Lily and I visited Käpt’n. We were warmly welcomed by Anna, the owner of Käpt’n. How nice to meet someone who has the same vision! Käpt’n is a beautiful, sweet and relaxed guy, he is even nicer in real life.

This was the first mating for both Lily and Käpt’n. It was barely noticeable they both had no experience. Lily found it a bit exciting at first, but luckily everything went very smoothly. They had two nice matings on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

Hopefully there is already a lot happening in Lily’s belly. This excerpt is part of National Geographic’s ‘In The Womb’ series. It shows nicely what happened last week and what is yet to come.

Today is about 8 days after Lily ovulation. If the mating has been successful, the fertilized eggs are now on their way from the fallopian tubes to the uterus. There they will attach to the uterine wall next week. A dog’s uterus looks very different from that of a human. It looks like the letter Y. You can see what that looks like in the picture. The fertilized eggs will spread and attach in the 2 horns, where they will remain until birth.

De baarmoeder van een hond.

Lily is doing well. She seems extra lazy these past few days. Maybe she’s still tired from her efforts, or maybe she’s cooking up something…?

Lily was also measured and weighed:

GewichtOmvang taille
Dag 110 kg38 cm
Dag 710.1 kg38 cm

Of course we don’t see anything on the outside yet, but I have already taken some photos for reference. Who knows, we might see a change in a few weeks!
From now on I will update weekly how things are going.

Week 1

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