Day 49


Three-quarters on our way. 2 weeks to go until the delivery. The puppies keep on growing steadily. The skeleton will strengthen over the next couple of months. This whole past week we felt the puppies move inside Lucy her abdomen! It was amazing! Now I can not keep my hands off that belly of hers. The puppies are pretty active. On day 46 I have captured the puppies move from the outside as well! There is not much to tell in the development of the puppies. They are only growing. So no video this week

The observant visitor might have noticed already: the webcam is online. Now is the time that I can test the connection and make a few tweaks. Our living room is slowly turning in to a nursery. The whelping box is all set up in our sitting area. This way we can monitor them closely and the puppies will know all normal household smells and sounds. To watch on the webcam you can register here. The puppycam is for expecting puppy owners, family, friends and acquaintances, not for strangers.

Lucy sleeps a lot. Sometimes it is a little hard for her to find a right position. She rarely plays anymore, she does chew on her bones. Outside she is still energetic but we do notice she is getting a little slower. She can not roll herself up in a ball anymore to sleep and cleaning herself is a thing of the past.

Lucy her amount of food has gone up. At first she ate 400 grams of fresh homemade meals a day, once a day. This has now been slowly upped to 600 grams, divided in two portions. She is still not fat at all, I can still feel her ribs very well. All the energy goes into the development of the puppies.

Lucy is also weighed and measured again this week:

GewichtOmvang laatste ribOmvang voor achterpoten
Day 011.7 kg42 cm38.5 cm
Day 711.9 kg43 cm39 cm
Day 1411.8 kg44 cm39.5 cm
Day 2111.9 kg44.5 cm40.5 cm
Day 2811.9 kg45.5 cm40.5 cm
Day 3511.9 kg51 cm42 cm
Day 4212.5 kg56 cm43 cm
Day 4913.4 kilo60 cm48.5 cm

Oops! This goes very fast now. A 900 gram gain in one week. This makes the total weight gained 1,7 kilo already. Her size is growing fast too. Where will this end..

Her body proportions are really changing now. A big body on four slim legs with a tiny head on it.

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