Patellar Luxation examination

Starting August 1st (yesterday) the Dutch Kennel Club administers Patellar Luxation tests. This means that you will receive an official certificate from the Kennel Club with the result and the tests must me performed through a certain protocol at a veterinary specialist.

To brass tacks immediately Yara and I travelled to a specialist veterinary clinic this morning. There Yara was researched for Patellar Luxation. When an official testing protcol exists I think it is nice to follow it. This way there can never be any confusion or discussion about the results.

Patellas Luxation is a condition from the kneecaps. The kneecap slides out of its groove. This can be very painful for the dog. Patellar Luxation is common in French Bulldogs. On this page you can read more about Patellar Luxation, just click on the tab that says ‘Patellar Luxation’.

For this examination Yara had to run a little bit up and down in front of the vet. She looked at the way she walked. After that she was examined further on the table. The exam is without any form of anesthesia. The vet checks if she can move the patellas (kneecaps) of Yara or if she can push them out of their groove. There is also checked if she has no pain anywhere in the knee joints. After that Yara was put on her side and the checks where repeated.

The results of the exam can be classified as following:

Patellar Luxation Clear (fixed):
The kneecap is not possible to be moved from the groove of the femur with detailed examination.

Patellar Luxation Clear (flexible):
The kneecap is easily moved sideways to the edge of the groove, but not past it.

Patellar Luxation Grade 1:
Only with sideways pressure on the patella is it moved (in- and/or outwards) out of the groove and it returns, after releasing pressure back in the groove spontaneously.

Patellar Luxation Grade 2:
The patella luxates spontaneously outside the groove in- or outward and also returns in to the groove spontaneously by twisting the lower leg.

Patellar Luxation Grade 3:
The patella lies (permanently) outside the groove, inwards or outwards, but it is possible to place it back in the groove manually.

Patellar Luxation Grade 4:
The patella lies permanently outside the groove, in or outwards and it is not possible to return it back in to the groove. Dogs that previously had surgery  for Patellar Luxation automatically are graded 4.

After the objection period has expired, the research results will be published on the Kennel Club website.

After the exam the results are announced immediately. Yara is now officially Clear from Patellar Luxation.

Patella Luxatie RvB Yara

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