Teun his health tests

Teun is now well over 20 months old and so it became time for his health exams. Teun is an athletic, strong male and he would contribute in a positive way to the population. Because our testprotocol is so extensive not all specialists could be present at the same time. So the exams were split up in two rounds. On November 21st it was time for the largest portion;

Teun was examined physically and went under anesthesia. A throat inspection was performed before being intubated and then we went on to the X-ray room. Photographs were made of the skull, trachea, neck and all other vertebrae, hips and elbows. After this it was time for the CT scan, Teun his whole body was scanned. On a CT scan you can see bone and other hard structures in the body, such as the actual size of the nostrils behind the nostrils down to the throat or vertebrae in 3D. No abnormalities were found. An MRI scan was also made of his head. You can see soft tissue better on an MRI scan. We make a MRI scan to check for Syringomyelia and Chiari Malformation, a condition where the skull is too small for the brain. But we can also get a good picture of the soft palate and judge it, this is easier than it is with a visual throat inspection.
Then it was time for Teun to wake up, the next part was already on the program! Time for the ECVO eye examination. Teun thought it was not very pleasant to have the doctor constantly stare into his eyes, but fortunately the ophthalmologist could still make a nice assessment. His eyes were also free from abnormalities!

The second part of the tests was conducted on November 29th.
On this day, a cardiac ultrasound with the cardiologist and the official Patellar Luxation screening at the orthopedic vet were on the program. For the cardiac ultrasound Teun has to lie on his side on a special table, while the cardiologist uses the ultrasound device to look at his heart, heart walls, valves and chambers. Abnormalities were also absent here. The Patellar Luxation screening had the same outcome, free from abnormalities!

All Teun’s research results and images can be viewed on his page, below are the results shortlisted. Some certificates are still missing, but they will be uploaded in the coming days.

  • Result of examinations

    Cardiac ultrasound with doppler: No abnormalities
    ECVO eye exam: No abnormalities
    Hip dysplasia: HD C
    PennHip: 0.60/0.54
    Elbow dysplasia: Free 0/0
    Patellar Luxation: Free 0/0

  • DNA

    Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
    Cystinuria Type 3: Carrier
    HC-HSF4 Hereditary Cataract: Clear
    CMR1 Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 1: Clear
    HUU Hyperuricosuria: Clear
    MH Maligne Hyperthermia: Clear
    cord1-PRA: Carrier

  • Colour genetics

    E Locus: Em/Em
    K Locus: Kbr/Ky
    A Locus: Ay/Ay
    S Locus: S/Sp
    D Locus: D/D

  • Physical examination

    Tail: Pintail, not grown in
    Nostrils: Wide
    Murmur: None
    Throat inspection:

    Long soft palate: Very minor
    Thick palate: No
    Enlarged tonsils: No
    Narrowed trachea: No
    Trachea size: 15 millimeter
    Larynx: Normal

    Hemivertebrae: Clear, 0
    Spondylosis: No
    Calcification interverbral discs: No
    Chiari Malformation/Syringomyelia: Follows

All together a beautiful score list! We are extremely proud of Teun and his owners for doing all of it. This means he will be available as a stud.
Teun will be offered very sparingly for well-tested females.

Teun is not in our possession, if you are interested in Teun mail us through info@hawbucks.nl. Then we will make sure the proper information will come to his owners.

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