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We Breed for Health. Not Show. It is no coincidence that this sentence is the first thing you see when you scroll down the front page. Our vision can almost be summerized by this one sentence.

We notice that boundaries are fading within what is considered ‘normal.. It is not normal that a dog can not do what he likes most because of his body type. It is not normal for a dog to be kept calm when it is above 20 degrees outside. It is not ‘cute’ when a dog can not breathe without making noise. It is not normal for a dog that he can not reach its on genitals for cleaning. It is not normal that 80% of French Bulldogs are born by (a planned) ceasarian section.
A French Bulldog is first and foremost a dog. A dog is supposed to move freely and not to be held back by his body. A dog is at its most beautiful when it is not obstructed by physical limatations.

Hawbucks is the result of a lot of time, effort, thinking, doubt, idealism, frustrations and hope.

IMG_0440 (Large)

Running freely without shortness of breath!

We would like to see a change of mentality among French Bulldog breeders, judges and owners. A good health is the number one priority for a dog in its life. Unfortunately at this moment that is not always first priority in French Bulldogs. If a decision had to be made we would rather breed a Frenchie that might look less like the breed standard but is healthy from inside and out, than a French Bulldog true to type that is collapsing under its misery. This is not something that is self-evident among a lot of breeders unfortunately. We believe that the current breed standard does not support in a better health for the breed.

We strive for a French Bulldog that is built a little more athletic. A French Bulldog how they were meant in the beginning of the development of the breed. A dog that can run and play for several hours without trouble. A Frenchie that does not make a sound when breathing, under any circumstance. We would like to breed a French Bulldog that is not so broad on its legs, that is not cobby. A dog with normal body proportions. A French Bulldog that can run with a group of other dogs any other breed without it being limited. A French with a less bulky appearance in body, a slightly longer neck, a wagging little tail and a muzzle that is a bit longer with healthy airways. Not only is that healthier, it also looks amazing!

We aspire that mentality change among French Bulldog breeders, judges and owners. All that is written above should me self-evident. Unfortunately that is not the case at this moment.
By cooperation we can still turn the tides. Sincerity and providing information is of utmost importance. We would like to work together with other breeders, lovers of the breed, experts in genetics, owners, and everybody who can tribute to our cause. On the page Documents and Links you can find a research protocol for example. This protocol is the result of our own labor, knowledge and information and we like to share it with other people who might be interested.

We do not pretend we breed only healthy dogs, but we can guarantee that we will do everything within our power to accomplish that. We can say that we ‘breed for breed improvement’ but for that we breed on a scale that is nowhere near enough to make a difference. Health is our first priority and we strongly show this in the health testing of our dogs, seminars we attend, or lectures that we are present at. We are constanty on the hunt for information and knowledge.

If there are any questions, feel free to leave us a message throught our Facebook or the website. We love to talk about our breed and you will always recieve an answer!

Because we advocate transparency all results of the health testing that are performed will be found on the website. Publically and for everyone to see. Feel free to ask questions about it, I am happy to explain what is not clear. Our dogs have their strong and weak points, as does any dog. We are not keeping that behind closed doors.

Human beings are the only living things that have the strength of imagination. Let us use that strength to find a way to do things differently. When we cán do better, we must act different!